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Advanced Database Cleaner

بواسطة: Younes JFR.


The Advanced Database Cleaner plugin for WordPress is a powerful tool designed to help website owners and administrators keep their databases clean and optimized. With a user-friendly interface and advanced cleaning options, this plugin can easily scan and remove unnecessary data such as post revisions, spam comments, orphaned meta data, and more. It can also schedule automated cleanups and backups to keep your database running smoothly and reduce the risk of website downtime. The plugin also provides detailed reports on the data that has been cleaned, helping you to keep track of your website’s performance and maintain its overall health. With over 80,000 active installations, the Advanced Database Cleaner plugin is a popular and reliable choice for WordPress users looking to improve their website’s database management.

خطوات تثبيت تطبيق Advanced Database Cleaner :

قبل البدء، تذكر أنك بحاجة إلى تسجيل حساب جديد على منصة وبسايتي.

1. قم بتسجيل الدخول الى حسابك، ثم من القائمة الجانبية للوحة التحكم، اضغط على "تطبيقات".

2. ابحث عن Advanced Database Cleaner من مربع البحث، ثم اضغط على زر "تثبيت".

3. تهانينا! 🎉 اكتمل تثبيت التطبيق بموقعك بنجاح.

تطبيقات شبيهة لـ Advanced Database Cleaner :

ركز على البيع، وخلي بناء موقعك والتسويق علينا